Amalgamation Of Foxdell Infant School and Foxdell Junior School

Closes 6 Oct 2021

Opened 5 Sep 2021


Foxdell Infant School and Foxdell Junior School are separate schools within a federation. This means that they share the same Governing Body and a headteacher. The Local Authority have asked the Governing Body to consider amalgamating the two schools to form a single primary school covering the Reception Year to Year 6. Following a detailed examination of all relevant aspects, the Governing Body have voted to consult with stakeholders on this proposal.

Why your views matter

It is important that all interested individuals and groups have the opportunity to comment on the proposed amalgamation of the two schools. Parents, prospective parents and other members of the local community can attend a drop in session at: Foxdell Infant School from 2.00pm on Monday 13th September 2021. Foxdell Junior School from 2.00pm on Tuesday 14th September 2021. Representatives from the Governors, Senior Leadership Teams and the Local Authority will be available to give further information and answer questions.

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