Reimagine Luton Town Centre

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Closes 24 Aug 2020


At the end of last year, the Council appointed Avison Young and Allies and Morrison to help prepare a masterplan. The masterplan is a planning document that sets out a framework for improving the town centre. It will consider how the future of our town centre will be shaped to deal with emerging changes to the high street, the way we live and how it needs to change to best work for the town and its visitors.

The team have spent the last few months undertaking detailed analysis to better understand the current issues. This work has been informed by early conversations with councillors, leaders of local community groups, businesses and landowners who shared their issues and aspirations for the town centre.

The first phase of work culminated in a report which summarises the current condition of the town centre. We have now begun to draft an emerging vision and a set of principles which we are keen to evolve through conversations with local people and visitors.

We want to speak with as many people who live, visit and work in Luton as possible so that your views can help to shape the masterplan. We need your help to develop the vision and principles so that they reflect your aspirations and priorities for the town centre.

This is a platform for you to share your ideas. 

1. What do you use the town centre for? (Tick as many that apply)
2. How often do you use the town centre? Daily A few times a week Once a week A few times a month Rarely Not at all
3. How would you rate the offer of the town centre?
4. What mode of transport do you generally use to get to the town centre?