Reimagine Luton Town Centre - Options

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Closes 7 Dec 2020


Over 1,400 people contributed their thoughts in the online survey, by email and community workshops.  

The responses were very positive and constructive which confirmed just what potential local people feel the town centre has to be a great place for everyone.

The feedback helped show the issues that had been highlighted were the right ones.  It also ensured the team have a clear steer on what issues are the most important for local people.  The priority of making the town centre a safe place came through loud and clear.

Nearly three-quarters of people agreed with the vision and many made really useful suggestions.

Overall the feedback confirmed the concerns about the town centre currently: 

  • people don’t use the centre
  • generally view it negatively
  • want to be as proud of the town centre as they are of Luton more generally

To view a summary of the wealth of feedback from Phase 1, please see the PDF below

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Phase 2 Consultation Approach

One of the messages from the first phase of consultation was that people wanted to understand what the vision would look like and what it would change. Phase 2 of the consultation is all about that.

The consultation material outlines a set of five key moves that are proposed to reshape the town centre.  These moves are largely physical interventions that will help deliver the vision of a welcoming town centre.  They cover the priority shifts needed including enhancing connections, where new uses and activities should be introduced and how the environment in the town centre should be transformed.  The first part of the survey introduces these key moves and describes the overarching strategy of the masterplan.

The second part of the survey then sets out the four areas where the greatest change is planned. For each area, we have looked at three options for change.  These options are both phases of how change could happen over time, as well as choices about the extent of intervention.

A short term or light touch option identifies the changes that could be made in the next 5 years including temporary interventions and developments which are already being considered. A medium-term option looks a the level of change that could be delivered between 5 and 10 years.  A third option then considers what could happen in the long term, beyond a 10-year timeframe, that could fully transform the town centre.

We want to get your input on these options and the key moves to understand the nature and extent of change Lutonians would like to see.

1. In what capacity are you responding to the consultation?
2. Did you respond to the first phase of the consultation?