Plaiters' Lea Conservation Area - proposed boundary change

Closed 8 Jul 2020

Opened 10 Jun 2020

Feedback updated 24 Aug 2020

We asked

We asked for comments on whether the boundary of the Plaiters' Lea: The Hat District Conservation Area should be extended.

You said

We received feedback for and against the boundary change.

We did

The feedback was considered in detail and considerations were included in the report to the Council's Executive.  The Executive resolved to agree the boundary change as outlined in the consultation.

Results updated 24 Aug 2020

All feedback was considered in the report to the Council's Executive meeting on 17 August 2020.  The papers are available via the link below (Item 12).

The Committee agreed the change of name to 'Plaiters' Lea: The Hat District' and the boundary change.  The Committee agreed the Management Plan, and noted the Area Appraisal.  For further details please see the link to the meeting.



The council is proposing to extend the boundary of the Plaiters’ Lea Conservation area east and west along Guildford Street, to both include more buildings which add to the character of the area, and provide a more logical boundary with Church Street.  We are seeking feedback on this proposal, particularly from owners and residents of properties which would come within the new boundary.

The existing boundary is shown below in red, with the proposed new boundary in blue.

Why we are consulting

Every local authority is legally required to review Conservation Area boundaries from time to time and consider whether the boundary should be changed. 

We are required to consult on any proposed changes so that an informed decision can be made.

What happens next

We will upload details of the decision as soon as possible after it is made.


  • Online Workshop

    From 26 Jun 2020 at 11:00 to 26 Jun 2020 at 12:00

    We will be holding an online workshop for all interested parties. If possible, please email if you want to take part. Otherwise, please use the link below to join the discussion. You will be placed in a 'waiting area' before being brought in. Please adhere to the virtual meeting protocol when taking part.
    We suggest you test the link beforehand in case you need to set up Skype. You do not have to be present for the duration of the workshop.


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