Traffic management proposals - Felstead Way and Heywood Drive

Closed 24 Jul 2020

Opened 29 Jun 2020


Following the consultation for the Vauxhall Way Improvements  and Hitchin Road traffic signal and dual carriageway scheme between 10 October and 18 November 2019, residents have raised queries with regards to traffic within the Stopsley ward area. Taking these comments into consideration a plan has been developed to try and address the traffic management within this area and the following improvements have been proposed;

  1. Issues related to traffic coming out of Birchen Grove and turning right onto Hitchin Road: The council is proposing to trial a mini roundabout over a period of six months. The aim of this is to improve the safety of the junction and improve traffic movement. The trial will follow on from works from Hitchin Road, Vauxhall Way signal improvements
  1. The council is proposing to implement a One Way traffic restriction for the following roads

    Heywood Drive from Stockingstone Road to St Martins. The proposal is to change part of the road section to One Way. The aim is to improve  safety and parking.

    Felstead Way proposed One Way from St Martins Avenue to Stockingstone Road. The One Way System will aim to improve the junction and parking arrangement. The proposed footway build out at junction of Stockingstone Road will reinforce the no right turn ban.

Please let us know what you think of the proposals.

All feedback must be received by Friday 24 July 2020. 

If the proposal with regards to the One Way on Felstead Way and Heywood Drive  were to go ahead there would be a formal consultation as part of the statutory process to introduce the necessary traffic orders. This would be undertaken later in the year.

Map showing the proposed highway improvements in the Stopsley area 

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