Luton Transport Plan consultation

Closed 15 Nov 2020

Opened 18 Sep 2020


The council is required under the Transport Act 2000 to prepare a long-term transport strategy and supporting policies. Luton’s current Local Transport Plan (LTP) was adopted in Spring 2011 and covers the period up to 2026.

We have drafted an updated LTP to cover the next twenty years and are asking local residents, businesses and stakeholders for their input.

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Embedded is the Transport Strategy and Policies document which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page

The transport strategy is a key strategic document for the council and drives our key ambitions to:

  • embrace carbon reduction
  • reduce poverty and improve inclusion in Luton, which links to our health and wellbeing ambitions
  • ensure links with planned development in and around the town

Chapters 2 to 4 summarise our approach regarding each of these, and reflect on the potential impacts of a post-Covid change in attitude to avoid returning to the pre-Covid norm.

The long-term Transport Strategy (Chapter 7) builds on the council’s approach to climate change and its commitment to net zero carbon by 2040, alongside the ambition to eradicate poverty, recognising the importance of non-car based mobility, active travel and the wider impacts of poor air quality on health. 

The key elements of the strategy are to:

  • promote a shift to more active travel and public transport (including lower fares and integrated ticketing on public transport and with other modes using Mobility as a Service) for local journeys
  • improve quality of life and safety by enhancing the scene of the streets and public spaces; 
  • meet the mobility needs of different groups in the community to access local services and shared transport and identify appropriate new and innovative technologies;
  • planning to promote and design low carbon sustainable development linking with existing neighbourhoods and other focal points including the town centre and the nearest rail station

The second  part of the LTP sets out the council’s policies arranged around two public health based themes;

  • supporting a healthy environment  by encouraging more active travel and public transport use and managing the demand for vehicular travel (Chapter 10) and
  • delivering safer and more inclusive communities by reducing vehicle speeds and improving the environment of the different neighbourhoods in Luton (Chapter 11).

Each of the policies provides further background context to these themes including any related statutory duties, our local policy together with examples of how this will be applied, and the desired outcomes, including any monitoring indicators to demonstrate progress in achieving this change in policy direction.

Go to the bottom of this page to download the Strategy and Policies document and other relevant documents.


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