Bury Park consultation

Closed 14 Feb 2020

Opened 24 Jan 2020


The proposed highway improvements in Bury Park are intended to improve traffic flow and replace some of the parking places removed as a result of these plans. 

map of 6 proposed parts

maps of 4 other parts


Why We Are Consulting

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The improvements are grouped; proposed parking and loading bays (parts 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9), proposed traffic improvements (parts 3 and 10) and proposed bus stop alterations (parts 4 and 5).

Aims of the proposals include;

  • bus stop alterations will enable buses to pick up and set down passengers without obstructing the road.
  • prevention of large vehicles from U- turning at Nadeem Plaza and obstructing the road when there is a bus at the nearby stop.
  • speeding the turning of vehicles obstructing the road at Waldeck Road.
  • improve traffic flow ouitside 10 Leagrave Road enabling delivery vehicles to load and unload without obstructing the main carriageway.

The remainder of the works are intended to replace the parking lost by the traffic improvement works.

image of Bury t junction with street lights

Please click below under Related to see proposals in pdf format.


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