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Closes 31 Mar 2021

INTRODUCTION - some initial monitoring information

We would like to ask a few questions about you. This information is not mandatory but will help us in our analysis and understanding of the feedback received. 

Please be assured that your personal data will be kept confidential at all times and that no-one will be able to be identified when reporting the results. Collecting monitoring data can help us to evaluate our aim: to involve a wider range of people in heritage (and decision making about it). It may also strengthen our opportunity to attract funding into projects across the whole town.

Under Data Protection regulations (GDPR) Act 2018 Luton Council needs to inform you of the reasons why we are capturing your data and what we will do with your data. Any personal data collected and/or processed under this policy/procedure will be dealt with in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and the Council’s Data Protection Policy. Data is held securely and accessed by, and disclosed to, only individuals where relevant to this policy/procedure.

Our privacy statement can be found on our privacy notice area.

Thank you for completing this section.

1. About you: in what capacity are you responding?
2. About you: please tell us your ethnicity
3. About you: please tell us your age
4. Monitoring information: ‘Have you been directly involved in heritage activity in Luton previously? This includes running an event or project, participating in a historical project or forum or supporting a community or group with a heritage activity. It does NOT include attending a venue as a visitor or audience member, e.g. visiting Wardown Museum’.
5. About you: please tell us your postcode