LUTON-Let's talk HERITAGE - Heritage consultation

Closed 30 Jun 2021

Opened 16 Feb 2021

Results updated 29 Apr 2021

As part of the co-creation of a new heritage strategy for Luton, this Luton Heritage Strategy online survey took place between 16 February and 31 March  2021. The survey sought to measure understandings of heritage in Luton, the heritage people value and their engagement with heritage.


We set out to engage people who have not been involved in heritage activity before; and in this we have been successful with nearly 66% new to heritage activity.

Immediate OUTCOMES of this survey:

  • We have invited 68 new people along to Luton Heritage Forum Meetings
  • We have invited 10 community representatives to help us test our local list appraisal framework
  • We are planning to involve all in review of the local list; and invite all the above the launch of the strategy



The purpose of this consultation is to collate and share a deeper understanding of our collective heritage, what it means, where we come from, who we are, and what we leave behind for future generations to celebrate.

We value the past in many ways. For example we have award winning parks and museums; we have 5 Registered Conservation Areas; over 80 nationally listed buildings and monuments; and a number of prehistoric earthworks.

Beyond our physical landscape, we are proud of our multi-cultural population. Your voice is important, and everyone's contribution can help to co-create a new Heritage Strategy that will help shape Luton's future.

Transforming lives through arts, culture and heritage will help make Luton a place to thrive. Delivering a robust heritage strategy, driven by wider participation, will help us secure a strong economic recovery following the impacts of COVID-19.

Why your views matter

The council’s Heritage Enabler has been funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund to lead on co-creating a new Heritage Strategy for Luton, encompassing built, industrial, cultural, natural and intangible heritages.

Over the years, 88 different Luton organisations have registered to apply for project funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The new Heritage Strategy for Luton can encompass and support delivery on this wide range of potential heritage projects.

The demographic representation of Luton is diverse: your voice  and your contribution is important.

Participation in this  consultation will help to shape our new Heritage Strategy for Luton; lead to emergent themes; and (both long and short term) community and major development projects.

For example: at the end of this survey there is a link for you to submit ideas for heritage projects. We'll support some of your best ideas for showcasing in September.  

You can participate in this consultation in 2 different ways:

  1. Complete the online survey (see below); and or
  2. Attend the two online workshops. (you will find the links to book at the end of this survey)

The first workshop is designed to investigate the meaning of heritage, discover the heritage of Luton, and define what it means to be a Lutonian.

In this way we can establish the DNA of Luton, it's heart, it's pride, it's uniqueness…. ‘our brand’.

The second workshop is a space for people who've attended workshop one. A space where we’ll disseminate survey data and welcome you to share your thoughts from the first workshop: your understanding of heritage, and the role you might take in shaping both the strategy, delivery plan, and future heritage projects.

Workshop details:

  • Online Workshop 1: What IS Heritage?
    • A selection of dates to suit your diary: 
        • Thursday: 25th Feb 5pm - youth session
        • Monday 1st March 11am
        • Tuesday 2nd March 2pm
        • Wednesday 3rd March 7pm
        • Thursday 4th March 11am
        • Thursday 11th March 11am 
  • Online Workshop 2: Co-creating & delivering a new Heritage Strategy for Luton
    • There is no obligation to come back and attend workshop 2
      • Dates: tbc

For details of how to sign up for the workshops please see the information at the end of this survey



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Natural green spaces and parks
  • Area regeneration
  • Voluntary services
  • Community events
  • Built Heritage
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • History
  • Consultations
  • Engagements