TOPSE Parenting Tool

Closes 31 Aug 2021

Opened 18 Sep 2020


We are asking all parents who take part in our Parenting Programmes to fill out a questionnaire before and after attending. This will help us to measure some of the changes that take place in your family after taking part in the programme. This information is really useful to help your group leader think about the needs of the families they work with, and to help improve the Parenting Programme in the future.


Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, and all of your responses will be kept confidential. We are not recording any names or other personal information - only your initials are needed to match your answers with the one you will complete at the end of the programme.

If you would like help filling out the survey, or you have any questions, please let your group leader know and they will be happy to help. If this survey raises any issues for you, please speak to your group leader.

When completing these questions, please focus on one child or the child that has been part of the reason for you to attend a parenting programme. 

Please fill in the survey here


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