Luton Council: Taking action on climate change

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Closes 31 Dec 2020

Your views on tackling Climate Change

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Where we have got to so far?

 July 2019: Luton Council announces its intention for the town to be carbon neutral ahead of the government’s target of 2050.

 September 2019: Established the cross party Climate Change Executive Advisory Board, a Climate Change Sub-Group of the council’s Executive. The group was tasked with driving climate change activity within the council and across the town.

 October 2019: The Climate Change Executive Advisory Board outlined recommendations on climate change policy to the council’s Executive. These included establishing a series of community engagement events on Luton’s approach.

 January 2020: The council published its Climate Change Report. Commissioned by the council and conducted by the Antithesis Group, the report highlighted the emissions profiles of Luton and the council. It discussed the degree to which the town’s emissions can be influenced with regional or national bodies and provided an evidence base for future action plans relating to climate change. The entire report can be found below.

 A draft Climate Action Plan for the council was also published. The document outlined initial areas where Luton Borough Council will focus to explore cutting carbon emissions from its operations and increasing carbon sequestration efforts. The draft Climate Action Plan can be found below (please note that this is intended as a working document, which will be updated as work progresses).

 The council declared a climate emergency and agreed our next steps to ensure Luton is carbon neutral by 2040.


What do you think the priorities should be in order to achieve carbon neutral by 2040?
Do you have any ideas or suggestions to help tackle climate change?