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  • Luton Council - Bus Service Improvement Plan Survey

    In March 2021, the Government published a new National Bus Strategy which sets out a framework for how bus services can recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and a vision for future improvements across England. The strategy places a requirement on Luton Council, and the... More

    Closed 12 September 2021

  • Elections Evaluation

    Thank you for all your hard work and helping us to deliver a successful election on Thursday 6th May. Your feedback is highly valuable to us and would be appreciated to help us improve year on year. More

    Closed 31 July 2021

  • Plait Court - Give Us Your Views on the car park

    We are consulting with you on two issues that has been raised at our two previous meetings with the residents of Plait Court , the car parking issue and the external window cleaning. Please complete this very short survey to tell us your views. The more residents that complete the survey... More

    Closed 27 July 2021

  • Your views on the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)

    As Covid regulations ease, we would like to ask your views on the future of the multi-use games unit (MUGA). The MUGA is located behind Heswell and Kingsland Court on Strathmore Walk and comprises of an artificial turfed fenced area set aside for games. The MUGA is currently closed. ... More

    Closed 25 July 2021

  • Community projects at 5 Springs.

    As part of our upgrade work we want to ensure we leave lasting benefit to the communities we work within by supporting local projects and organisations to offer much needed services to the neighbourhood. We also want to work with individuals who have great community ideas and help them... More

    Closed 21 July 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

See what we've consulted on.

We asked

The council consulted with residents, businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations, public sector organisations, arts and culture stakeholders, young people and Luton Council employees to seek views on the initial Luton 2040 vision.


You said

Feedback showed there was significant support for the vision, agreeing it set the right ambition for the town and significant agreement with each of the strategic priorities.

A number of important points were raised for strengthening the vision and valuable suggestions for improving each of the strategic priorities and target outcomes in the vision.

The majority of those who responded to the survey understood how they could play their part in delivering the Luton 2040 vision and how they could work in partnership to do so.

We did

As a result of the feedback, changes were made to the vision document including:

  • additional strengths of the town
  • changes to the vision statement
  • changes to the strategic priorities
  • changes to target outcomes
  • additional information for inclusion in the vision document

A consultation report was produced providing details of feedback received and proposed changes to the document.

The updated Luton 2020 - 2040 vision was approved by the council’s Executive and launched in October 2020.


We asked

We asked for comments on whether the boundary of the Plaiters' Lea: The Hat District Conservation Area should be extended.

You said

We received feedback for and against the boundary change.

We did

The feedback was considered in detail and considerations were included in the report to the Council's Executive.  The Executive resolved to agree the boundary change as outlined in the consultation.

We asked

The council consulted the public on proposals for the Vauxhall Way improvements. Vauxhall Way, Hitchin Road and Stopsley is the most well developed scheme and people had the opportunity to comment on the latest design to manage congestion. 

You said

Feedback from the public consultation demonstrated an agreement with the need to improve safety, traffic flow, pedestrian and cycling facilities. However, it was also noted that there are concerns that a signalised junction would make traffic flow worse and increase pollution. Congestion experienced on Stockingstone Road was also highlighted as an issue, as well as turning issues in and out of Birchen Grove. 

We did

In order to demonstrate how Vauxhall Way will operate with the anticipated future growth comparing a scenario where we do not convert the roundabout into a signalised junction, Luton Council has developed movie clips which can be viewed by visiting and searching 'Major Road Improvements' in the search bar. 

The council will also be investigating solutions to the Stockingstone Road congestion issues as part of the 2020/2021 programme.

Regarding the turning issues at the Birchen Grove junction the council will be investigating a solution with the aim to be implemented before the end of this scheme.