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We Asked

A public engagement exercise took place during January to discuss the proposed 2020-21 budget and council tax rate with residents. Views on importance of council services were gathered.

You Said

Most important council services to residents were tackling crime and antisocial behaviour, caring for vulnerable people, street cleansing and attracting new businesses and jobs.

The services that residents indicated as least important were promoting healthy lifestyles, building more homes and developing sport, arts, cultural and entertainment services.

We Did

We have taken on board the feedback that we received. Next is a much wider and inclusive town-wide consultation exercise to help set future priorities and budget-setting exercises for the council.

We Asked

The council consulted the public on proposals for the Vauxhall Way improvements. Vauxhall Way, Hitchin Road and Stopsley is the most well developed scheme and people had the opportunity to comment on the latest design to manage congestion. 

You Said

Feedback from the public consultation demonstrated an agreement with the need to improve safety, traffic flow, pedestrian and cycling facilities. However, it was also noted that there are concerns that a signalised junction would make traffic flow worse and increase pollution. Congestion experienced on Stockingstone Road was also highlighted as an issue, as well as turning issues in and out of Birchen Grove. 

We Did

In order to demonstrate how Vauxhall Way wil operate with the anticipated future growth comparing a scenario where we do not convert the roundabout into a signalised junction, Luton Council has developed movie clips which can be viewed by visiting and searching 'Major Road Improvements' in the search bar. 

The council will also be investigating solutions to the Stockingstone Road congestion issues as part of the 2020/2021 programme.

Regarding the turning issues at the Birchen Grove junction the council will be investigating a solution with the aim to be implemented before the end of this scheme.